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Wire Harness Tester & Test Jig

Electrical Wire Harness Tester can be test wire continuity, Short between wires, open or break wire and interchange, up to 100 point and 10 sample can be save for different harness. It has Auto self-learning facility. It has Auto hot stamping, pneumatic stamping & Dot stamping facility. Inbuilt Stamping Driver no needs to provide external Hardware. It is Easy to Install & user friendly. Low cost with complete solution.

Automotive Switch Millivolt Drop Tester

It can easily test voltage drop across the internal contacts of the switch. When fault occurred immediately it indicates by Led and continues buzzer as well as it shows Mili Volt drop on volt meter weather it is in range or not . It is User Friendly and easy to calibrate as per requirement. It works only on calculated load. It tests millivolt drop as per industrial standard minimum 10 to 30mili voltage. The Millivolt Drop Tester is a powerful, digital micro-ohm meter consisting of a 4 & 1/2 digit display, an in-built 1A continuous DC source, no ON-OFF duty cycle, and ability to measure contact millivolt drop of the Automotive Switch.

Voltage Drop test maximum limits:

  • 0.00V across a connection
  • 0.20V across a wire or cable
  • 0.30V across a switch
  • 0.10V at a ground

Current Limit & Short Circuit Protection

Current limiting is the practice in electrical or electronic circuits of imposing an upper limit & Lower Limit on the current that may be delivered to a load with the purpose of protecting the circuit generating or transmitting the current from harmful effects due to a short-circuit or similar problem in the load.


  • avoid equipment damaging;
  • avoid equipment replacement
  • use lower fault rated equipment
  • avoid series reactor, split busses, bus-tie breakers
  • reduce voltage dips on adjacent feeders
  • Enhance power grid transient stability
  • Can be installed in easily

Automotive BMS Solutions

BMS is a battery management system. It increases the battery life and efficiency.

Reduce the losses of series battery combination by monitoring the charging and discharging voltage and current levels. In an electric vehicle or hybrid electric vehicle, the battery management system monitors and controls the high-voltage battery stack.

Battery Management features include:

  • Measuring the cells' charge, voltage, temperature and health
  • Diagnostics and protection for the battery
  • Controlling the current among cells to avoid over or under charging (cell balancing)
  • Controlling the flow of battery coolant (optional)

Embedded Customize Projects

The services are offered for hardware as well as software, SPM, Process control and Automated Test Jigs. That is from schematic entry to PCB layout design and prototyping. Software services include understanding and documenting user requirement to actual Software design, implementation, testing and delivery. The cost optimization for volume production and quality assurance is the key service provided by the YOSHITA TECHNICAL SERVICES.

PCB Design

Schematic Capture: Design multi-sheet schematics.

We offer PCB Design Services in high quality and turnkey electronic engineering, offering the very best service at competitive prices. With our resources and experience, we have what it takes to meet your project needs from concept to production and also be your complete electronic engineering partner no matter how large or small your project is.

A skilled PCB design expert can assist you in assembling a top-quality PCB catered to your specific technological needs. A PCB designer will provide an in-depth analysis of your device’s requirements to ensure your product has the support necessary to excel in the competitive tech market. An added benefit to employing a PCB designer is that manufacturing a circuit with a PCB is generally quicker and less expensive than manufacturing a circuit wired in an alternative manner.

LED PCB Tester with Test Jig

At the same time Multiple LED testing is possible by using this jig this is biggest advantage of this jig. Within 10 Sec. we can check maximum parameter of the LED PCB and achieve the production quality.

LED colour:

Obviously the colour is a major LED specification or LED parameter. LEDS tend to provide a single colour. The light emission extends over a relatively narrow light spectrum.

The colour emitted by an LED is specified in terms of its peak wavelength (lpk) - i.e. the wavelength which has the peak light output. This is measured in nanometers (nm).

Typically process variations give peak wavelength variations of up to ±10nm.

The light output from an LED is quantified in terms a single point, on-axis luminous intensity value (Iv). This is specified as millicandella, mcd.

LED current / voltage specification

LEDs are current driven devices and the level of light is a function of the current - increasing the current increases the light output. It is necessary to ensure that the maximum current rating is not exceeded. This could give rise to excessive heat dissipation within the LED chip itself which could result in reduced light output and reduced operating lifetime. In operation, LEDs will have a given voltage drop across them which is dependent upon the material used. The voltage will also be slightly dependent upon the level of current, so the current will be stated for this.

LED reverse voltage LEDs is not tolerant to large reverse voltages. They should never be run above their stated maximum reverse voltage, which is normally quite small. If they are then permanent destruction of the device will almost certainly result.

LED angle of view specification

In view of the way in which LEDs operate, the light is only emitted over a certain angle. While this LED specification may not be important for some applications, it is of great importance for others. The angle of view is normally defined in degrees - °. For early devices, the angle of view was normally relatively small. More recent devices may have a much wider angle of view

Assembled PCB Tester

It is useful to test Assembled PCB as per customer required parameter.

PCB Test Fixture

PCB Test Fixture is useful to hold the PCB while performing PCB Test.

  • Continuous spring loaded contacts.
  • Gold plated pogo pins
  • All directional toggle available
  • Less wiring for multiple connections
  • Easy to install on the plane surface
  • Easy to connect with testing instruments

Back out Fixture For Wire Harness Coupler

Back out Fixture is useful to cross check insertion of crimping pins into the coupler.

In manual crimp pins insertion is very critical job. Sometimes it could not lock inside the coupler and it causes the rejection of supply or on field failure. It is useful to minimize such problems during production process.

  • Continuous spring loaded contacts.
  • Gold plated pogo pins
  • All directional toggle available
  • Less wiring for multiple connections
  • Easy to install on the plane surface

Easy to connect with testing instruments

PCB Repairs

We offer repairing services for customize PCB. YTS is the Industry Expert for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Repairs, Modifications, Upgrades and Manufacturing Services

We've got more expertise, better equipment and more scalability than the next repair provider. When coupled with proprietary serial PCB testing techniques and surface-mount handling equipment, we can repair even the most advanced microprocessor or digital signal processor circuits, after the repair is completed, your printed circuit board is functionality tested to ensure performance.

Many customers ask us to improve failure-prone products through the use of newer, more reliable printed circuit board parts or full printed circuit board redesign services. But did you know that We can design printed circuit boards and manufacture replacement PCBs for obsolete electronics? That’s right. We deal with End of Life issues on a daily basis.

Repair of Programmable Controllers:

  • Repair of CNC Controls
  • Repair of NC Controls
  • Repair of Welder Controls
  • Repair of Industrial Controls
  • Repair of Electronic Terminals
  • Repair of Electronic Displays

Automation- Servo Drive Repairs

We offer repairing services for various types of VFD and Servo Drive. Servo Maintenance Service and Drive Repair.

Your industry depends on your servo drives, so it's only natural you're concerned about what you might do if your servo drives need fixing. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about it anymore, because you've found the experts in repair services for servo drives. Servo & VFD drive repairs are carried out daily in our drives repair workshop. We have the capability and experience to repair most makes and types of Servo & VFD drive.

Every drive we repair goes through our standard reliability overhaul that includes the replacement of all components we deem to suffer degradation through age. These include all electrolytic capacitors, snubber resistors, opto-isolators, relays & cooling fans. We consider by doing this we are delivering a better repair that will last longer in service.

Our repair has following advantage:

  • Nominal charges
  • Quick response with no extra charges
  • All India reaches with visit charges
  • Hybrid repair you do not have to look so many vendors for different machine
  • AMC of machine also taken
  • Warranty on repair
  • No charge for estimation if material dispatched to our working station

Hot Stamping & Dot Marker for Automotive Harness Coupler

During testing if all tests are ok then we can use it for quality check.